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FACT: Chaffee Attacked For “Abuse” of Power amid the pandemic. Doug Chaffee blocked the County’s Department of Public Health staff from informing the public about the latest COVID-19 news. The Orange County Register called Chaffee’s acts “abuse.”

Source: Orange County Register, 2021



FACT: Multimillionaire Doug Chaffee took taxpayer money and used it to overcharge poor senior citizens.


In exchange for $1.7 million from the city of Fullerton, Chaffee promised to build affordable homes for local seniors, but instead, he overcharged them.

City of Fullerton officials concluded that Chaffee engaged in “an apparent pattern of charging rents in excess of amounts allowed under the OPA, a failure to provide accurate reporting as required by the OPA, and a deficiency in management oversight which could constitute ‘gross mismanagement’ of the project. …” The city also says that seniors living there were charged a utility allowance on top of the rent charge, which is prohibited.


Click here to read the letter submitted to Chaffee after the audit. 

Source: Orange County Register, 2006. 

FACT: While homelessness is going up, Doug Chaffee has either opposed or put up roadblocks to homeless shelters that get the unhoused into supportive housing.

Source:  Voice of Orange County, 2013. 

FACT: Crime — including homicides, violent crime, and property crime RATES — has gone up during Doug Chaffee’s tenure on the Orange County Board of Supervisors.

Source:  Public Policy Institute of California, Crime Trends in California. 

FACT: During the COVID-19 pandemic, Doug Chaffee repeatedly fell asleep or was on his phone during board meetings. 

Source:  Orange County Supervisors Board Meeting Media Archive

Source:  Orange County Supervisors Board Meeting Media Archive, November 16, 2021 - Doug Chaffee on his phone during public hearing. 

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FACT: During Doug Chaffee’s time in office, the cost of living has skyrocketed in Orange County, making it harder for those struggling to make ends meet.

Source:  Orange County Register, 2022

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